Las Ventas de Libros Crecieron en 2015

Print book sales grew in 2015
Sales figures from around the world reveal that consumers have renewed
their interest in printed books. Nielsen BookScan, which collects data on
the US print market, reported that about 571 million   books had been
sold in the country by early December 2015. Even without the full effect of the
Christmas season it was already over 12 million more books than the total
figure for 2014.
E-books did not fare as well. In October 2015 a Pew Research Center
study found that US consumers are buying and using fewer e-reading
devices than they did in past years.
In the UK, figures released by Nielsen BookScan show that sales of
print books for the first 36 weeks of 2015 rose by 4.6% when compared
to the same period in 2014. It was the first time since 2007 that the print book
market has seen year-on-year  growth.
In other words: print book  are back
But why? ln a article, Frank Catalano, tech industry
analyst and strategist for companies in education technology, offers SOITI9
explanations, the most important of which is human comprehension.
Multiple studies have found that assimilating the content of screens
takes longer and requires more effort to reach the same level of understanding.
“On a mobile device l can be constantly tempted, and pulled
away from losing myself in the book, by notifications of incoming email,
status updates and direct messages,” Catalano points out.
Rob Orchard, director of Slow Journalism Company’s Delayed
Stratification magazine, claims that the constant presence of screens causes
“digital fatigue”. ln an interview by marketing website The Drum, Orchard
says that the smartphones have already swept the world half a decade ago and
now many people relish the opportunity to step away from the white noise:
“We are starting to see the value in a quality print offering because we want
something nourishing and in-depth.”
Ceder agrees. He notes that in their free time most people prefer reading
print books, and for good reason:
“Most of us find it easier to relax with printed with screens, partly
because  we are basically married to screens in our jobs. From time to
time it’s have a break from the constant bombardment of digital

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