Our customers inspire innovation


Our customers inspire innovation

“Something is only an innovation if it makes a difference to our clients or to the world.”

Sophie Vandebroek — Xerox Chief Technology Officer and Xerox Innovation Group President

Computer Vision Research

Xerox is a pioneer in extracting actionable business analytics from images and video. Our researchers have built a vibrant competence in computer vision, building on their longstanding reputation and demonstrated expertise in imaging, machine learning, controls and signal processing.  We have a proven track record for innovations that simplify the lives of people and the ability to make good ideas practical and deployable.

Areas of computer vision research include the detection, recognition and tracking of objects, incidents and human behavior from images and video sequences. Explorations span a breadth of application domains, and a variety of platforms, ranging from surveillance systems to smartphones and wearable devices.

Our expertise  in Computer vision helps Xerox improve the way businesses are run and makes it easier for people to accomplish more.

Our innovations  support many industries including transportation, finance, retail, healthcare, education and marketing.

Our teams  work in a dynamic collaborative research environment.

Our market  impact includes license plate recognition, vehicle occupancy detection and mobile document imaging apps.

Our global footprint  includes research centers in the United States, France and India.

We partner  with industry, government and academia, including MIT, Harvard, Oxford, Carnegie Mellon and other premier institutions.

We publish  in premier scientific forums around the world.

Interns & postdoctoral  researchers work on computer vision problems that are scientifically challenging and of tangible business impact.

To learn more , click on the links in the sidebar to meet our researchers and find information about our projects and collaborations.



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